Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Upper body

Inspiration for Kristen!
My daughter, Kristen, wanted to workout this morning, which is the first time she's ever done any training. I helped her out by talking her through the exercises, showing her correct form, etc. I did the same movements alongside her, albeit with heavier weights.

15 minutes jogging on a treadmill

Push-ups: 30, 17, 15

Lateral pull-downs: 80lb x 15, 12, 11

Dumbbell curls: 17.5lb x 13, 12, 11

Tricep rope extensions: 20lb x 10, 9, 7

Dumbbell front raises: 17.5lb x 12; 15lb x 12, 10

5 minute treadmill cool down


Kristen did really well. Her form was good and she gave it maximum effort.

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