Sunday, 9 June 2013

Shoulders, traps and forearms

Let the! I hope Holmberg (third from right) qualifies again this year.

Standing military press - 55lb x 11, 8, 8

Seated Arnold press - 22.5lb x 11, 8, 8

Dumbbell lateral raises - 17.5lb x 13, 11, 8

Shoulder press (machine) - 5 minute burn

Vertical row - 70lb x 12, 9, 9

Barbell shrug @ 95lb - 5 minute burn

Barbell wrist curls - 45lb x 13, 10, 9

Static barbell hold @ 115lb - 5 minute burn

Today should have been a leg day, but I've had pain in both my adductors since playing footie on Friday. After my PT session on Tuesday, I had doms in my hamstrings, quads, plus some soreness in my adductor brevis in both legs. I thought the latter was just part of the doms from a taxing workout, but both the quads and hams cleared up by Friday. I had a soccer game on Friday evening, and as soon as I started to warm up - jogging, stretching, passing the ball, etc - I could tell that something was wrong. I had a little pain that got much worse when I started to sprint. I tried to run through it, but that probably wasn't very smart. My ego didn't want me to give up when players who were older than me were outrunning me.

I was in considerable pain after the game and all of Saturday. The right adductor doesn't feel too bad today, but the left is still pretty bad. This being the case, it would have been a big mistake to try squats and leg presses this morning, so I skipped the leg session and did an upper body routine instead. I'm going to let myself recover properly and not rush into a workout that will cause worse damage, as frustrating as that will be.

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