Sunday, 21 April 2013

Legs: Conditioning

I didn't have time for a full leg workout today, so I just did the conditioning part.

3 circuits; 2 minutes rest in between each:

3 x 4 parallette jumps
15 burpees
30 mountain climbers
20 ball slams @ 30lb
20 kettle bell swings (see below)
12 shuttle runs (1 run is from one end of the yoga room and back)

With the kettlebells, 1 rep = starting from one side, swing the kb in front with one hand, bring it down between my legs, switch hands, swing in front again and back between my legs, then out in front and finish on the opposite side.

There was a much younger gym member, doing some ab work in the yoga room while I did my third set, who said she was impressed by the intensity of this routine. Not bad for an old guy!

I would have liked to get some squats in too, but at least I had a painful bike ride back home.

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