Monday, 29 April 2013

Conditioning / chest

Circuit x 3; 90 seconds rest between each

20 x parallette jumps
Figure of 8 shuttle runs* - 2 minutes
30 x kettlebell squat and press
Ball lifts - 1 minute @ 30lb; 1 minute @ 20lb

* Run forwards diagonally, then backwards in a straight line


Bench press drop sets
1 set of 10 x 135lb, 115lb, 95lb
2 sets of 8 x 130lb, 110lb, 95lb

Finished off with 15 bench supported push-ups.

My chest was toast and I had nothing left during this routine, hence plenty of assists for the bench presses.

While walking to the bench press station after the conditioning portion, Cosmo told me I was sweating more than everyone else in the gym combined. Well, duh! When I got home, I had to wait more than an hour before I could remove my shirt because it was caked on with sweat. Cold, cold, sweat. Ew.

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