Sunday, 28 April 2013

Death by...

Went with Cher to watch TFC vs New York Red Bulls
yesterday. What a load of shite! Much slower pace
and less skill than European footie. The chap above
was the only decent player on the pitch (as well
as the reason why Cher wanted to go in the first place.)
I was feeling a bit meh this morning, as if I had the start of a cold coming on, so I didn't really push myself too hard. I just wanted to try and sweat out any cold germs, which usually helps. I haven't done any power lifting in a while, so I started with some fairly light ones for a "Death by..." day.

Death by power cleans @ 95lb
9 rounds + 9 reps

Death by pull-ups (strict)
8 rounds + 7 reps

Death by dips
9 rounds + 5 reps

Death by straight leg raises
14 rounds + 12 reps

I actually felt much better after this simple workout. Sweating always helps!

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