Thursday, 4 April 2013


Sweet mother of God, that has to be the toughest PT session I've ever had. As usual with Cosmo, I started with a conditioning circuit.

3 circuits; 2 minutes rest in between each:

3 x 4 parallette jumps
15 burpees (I nearly had a heart attack when I thought Cosmo said 50)
30 mountain climbers
20 ball slams @ 30lb
20 kettle bell swings (see below)
12 shuttle runs (1 run is from one end of the yoga room and back)

With the kettlebells, 1 rep = starting from one side, swing the kb in front with one hand, bring it down between my legs, switch hands, swing in front again and back between my legs, then out in front and finish on the opposite side.


3 x back squat drop sets; 1 minute(ish) rest in between each:
10 reps at 130lb, 110lb, and 90lb


2 x leg press drop sets; 1 minute rest in between
8 reps at 270lb, 180lb, and 90lb


Finished with a cool down cycle on the stationery bike, then some stretching.

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