Monday, 12 December 2011

Full body: Heavy weight

I was too busy to train this morning, so tried to fit in a quick workout in the afternoon. I'd forgotten how much I dislike afternoon in the gym; it's too busy and crowded, and I found it too difficult to concentrate. The only area I could use was close to the pull-up/squat rack and the weight plates. There were people constantly taking or putting back weights, which put me off, especially during my second routine.

Death by deadlifts @ 225lb
(Warm up: 3 rounds of 6 x 185lb)

Score = 7 rounds

When I completed the 7th round there were only about 5 seconds for me to rest, so when I attempted the first rep of the 8th round I simply didn't have any energy. Also, my lower back started to feel tight. I've no idea what my form was like as it was too crowded for me to set up my camera, and I wouldn't have had time to check the videos between rounds, anyway. This routine pretty much went a I'd expected.


Bear complex
75, 85, 95 (F on rack jerk), 95, 100 (F on push jerk), 100 (F on rack jerk), 100 (F on rack jerk)

It's not that I felt weak on any of these moves, but I found it difficult to concentrate with so much going on around me. People were walking around my set up to get or put back weights, either for bench presses or leg presses. At least in the morning that area of the gym is much less active.

Oh, well. I only wanted a short, simple workout today anyway - just not this short!

My left calf is still painful from Saturday's cramp - which never returned again later, thankfully - and my right calf also hurts, even though it never cramped up during my training session. Massaging it is too painful, so it's just a matter of waiting it out.

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