Thursday, 23 August 2012

Upper Body

The first routine is yesterday's main site WOD. I've been focusing on hang cleans recently, but I went with power cleans today - as per the WOD - just to see how I'd cope.

Power cleans 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
95-115-125-130-135-140-150 (F)

Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks! I think I was doing pretty well with my form and technique, but I got too cocky with the last attempt, jumping from 140lb to 150lb. I'm pretty sure I could have cleaned 145lb, which would have been a 5lb PR anyway, so I didn't need to increase by 10lb. It was just a little bit too heavy for me to get my elbows up quickly enough. The video shows my last three reps.

By the way, I've been wearing a knee brace since yesterday, when it started to hurt while I was out walking. The brace certainly helps, as I didn't feel a thing throughout today's workout, including the next part.


5 rft:
5 x deadlifts @ 225lb
10 toes to bar
Time = 11:07

This video is of the first and fifth rounds.


Alternate sets:
Preacher curls @ 65lb - 7, 5, 6
Push-downs - 40lb x 10, 45lb x 7, 8


Paul French said...

Two points about the cleans, first, much better at avoiding that early arm pull, the 140 did look easy enough to get the 150, so I know why you went for that jump.

Secondly however, your elbows are, again, pointed right at the ground in the two successful attempts on the catch, that is one hard habit to break for you. Don't let that wrist pain return.

Common Sense Design said...

Bloody hell - the video only went up 15 minutes ago! :-)

Ordinarily, I'd be concerned about my elbow position, too, but - bearing in mind the problem with my wrist - I wasn't going for a squat clean, so I didn't worry about getting my elbows up for balance.

My right wrist is almost back to normal, but I still have that niggling pain in my left, now. Fucking old age! I just started taking a glucosamine supplement with chondroitin and msm. That's supposed to be good for joints, so it might help my knee, too.

Paul French said...

i must have been unclear before, power cleans or squat cleans, doesn't matter you must catch the weight on the shoulders not the wrist, never....ever the wrists, always the shoulders. It's not about balance it's about the impact, and that's the same for either power or squat cleans.

Annd, my blog does notify me when you update it's not like im refreshing yours every 10 minutes haha.

Common Sense Design said...

Aw, crap - just when I thought I was making progress! Yeah, I did misunderstand. I thought the reason for my elbows being up was so I could keep my balance for the squat. I'll have to work on that when both wrists are 100%.

Paul French said...

oh it has improved, just not perfect...neither is mine, and soooo many of the crossfit games competitors aren't either. I think only weightlifters can make claim to that.

Common Sense Design said...

Yeah, I remember watching on of the women weightlifters doing c&js at the Olympics. She caught the bar on her shoulders and kept it balanced with just her fingers, then she quickly adjusted to a full grip for the jerk portion. It was quick and seamless.

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