Monday, 6 August 2012


North Korea's Yun Chol Om lifting three times his bodyweight. Son of a bitch.
I was supposed to have a pushing workout this morning, but my right wrist has been quite painful since yesterday afternoon. No idea why it should flare up, because I didn't do anything to make things worse. Anyway, that would have made any heavy overhead movements difficult.

Both my shoulders are still hurting after my massage on Friday evening, so that ruled out any extensive vertical pulling motion.

My left hip flexor started hurting after Saturday's workout, specifically the sit-ups. Even a gentle bike ride this morning caused some pain.

So: no pushing, no pulling, no squatting. That pretty much put the kibosh on any type of exercise for today. It's unusual for me to have injuries in three different areas of my body, but there was no way I could safely work through any of these without causing further damage. I was tempted to try, but that would have been pretty stupid. I felt so restless this morning as this meant an unplanned change to my usual Monday routine. I hope I'm capable of at least something on Tuesday.

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