Sunday, 7 September 2014

Heavy lower

Easing myself back into a heavy routine.

Back squats
185lb x 6
195lb x 6
205lb x 6

255lb x 6
275lb x 6

Leg extensions
75lb x 12, 12, 12

While I was doing the squats and deadlifts, there was another guy in the gym - he looked a bit younger than me and was friggin' huge - doing some upper body work: bench presses, barbell rows and shoulder presses, all with some bloody serious weight. I could see he was looking over at me during some of my sets, and I thought he was probably thinking, "Meh - lightweight", especially as I used straps for the deadlifts. He came into the changing room as I was getting ready to leave and said, "That was some impressive leg work. I can't use that much weight." Really? The guy was massive! And these weren't even my max weights.

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