Thursday, 7 August 2014

Control lower

Pause back squats
175lb x 4
185lb x 4
190lb x 4
200lb x 4, 4, 2+1

I failed pretty spectacularly with my last set. I got stuck in the hole attempting the third rep and had to bail, dropping the barbell noisily. Mitch helped me rack the bar, I rested a bit, then tried - successfully - for a third rep. I got stuck again attempting a fourth, but Mitch was spotting me and helped me back up. Ordinarily, I would have been disappointed at my failure, but this was a heavy routine, and a bit more ambitious than the last time I tried the same thing. At least I had the confidence to try, and also to try again after failing a rep.

Pause deadlifts
215lb x 4, 4
225lb x 4

Cable crunches
40lb x 12, 12, 12

I ran out of time because I'd spent so much time warming up and resting between squat sets. I was still tight from last week's heavy leg day with Mitch, so I really did need to warm up well.

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